Have you been thinking about doing some home renovations or partaking in an attractive business investment? Do you want to take a dream vacation that you never got a chance to take before? How about debt consolidation? You can do any of those things by getting help from us at Bad Credit Loan Canada. Our purpose is simple. We provide unsecured Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit in Canada. We can tell you "yes" if you're a Canadian resident with bad credit who needs cash in a short amount time.

Apply for Up to $49,000

We provide loans of up to $49,000, and the repayment table is more than fair. Most quick loan providers ask for their money back within only a few days. We give our customers up to 36 months to repay their advances. We believe that the lending process should be convenient and stress free. Therefore, we offer a range of options for our borrowers so that they can continue to live life comfortably while they repay their advances. We provide installment loans which are much more flexible than the average payday loans are.

Your Credit Score Is Unimportant

We're not a company that focuses on credit score as the determining factor for the advance. We are much more concerned with whether you can repay the advance. We understand that hard times fall on people, so we never hold anyone in an ill light because of the past. What we want to do is put money in your hands so that you can take care of your obligations and your issues today. We have no say in what you do with the funds. You can use it to pay your bills, invest in something special or buy a brand new car if you like.

Get Your Cash Today

The process of getting funds for yourself is very simple. The first step is requesting the funds by calling us or completing an online form. The entire process takes 15 minutes or less. You may need to upload some documents so that we can review them and move along the process of getting your loan approved. You will have to sign an agreement to get your funds. We will disburse those funds into your bank account just as soon as you sign that form. Payment will be due on the specified dates. You can start the process of obtaining a loan today.