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Auto Loan Process

We offer fast and affordable car loans that fit your repayment budget with a variety of interest rate options. Also, we offer flexible monthly payments to fit your schedule. First, navigate to our page and try out our TD car loan calculator. Once you are satisfied with the amount and repayment estimates, complete the 15-minute application process to receive approval within 24-hours. The application process is as simple as completing the form, entering the amount of money you need and clicking the submit button.


We offer many benefits for using our service. First, with the TD car loan calculator, you can receive an estimate for your loan amount in a matter of seconds. Second, our focus is on security so you are 100-percent secure with all transactions. We use the highest level of encryption so your information remains safe. Third, we are motivated by your satisfaction so we deliver a high level of transparency. Each member of our customer service team is a dedicated professional working hard to make you happy. Our customer service team is available 365-days per year.

Service Highlights

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, we offer several service highlights. For instance, we provide an automatic loan renewal service which is beneficial if you will need planned money in the future. You have the option of renewing the loan yourself. Also, you will receive a $100 rebate on brokerage fees when reimbursing your loan within 30-days. Additionally, the loan application process is short and sweet with only basic information required. When you apply, we accept clients with all credit levels so you do not need to worry about being approved by our lenders.

If you are searching for a car loan and want to determine how much you are eligible for, stop by our site today to input different financial scenarios into the TD car loan calculator. Once satisfied, you can quickly apply and have your money within as little as one day!