Looking for a fast loan approval without credit checks and other time consuming activities? Well look no further because at Bad Credit Loan Canada, we offered secured loans in Canada without a credit check. We give you 1-day approval loans ranging from $300 to $1,000 whether you have good or bad credit. These can be auto, bad credit, cash, debt consolidation or payday loans. Our services run the gamut of loan types.

How to Apply

The application process is simple. Begin by navigating to our homepage and click on the “Apply Now” button. Next create a new profile with all of your basic information, including you Social Insurance Number (SIN). Then add in your current address information followed by employment and bank information. At the end, you will need to provide scanned versions of a recent pay stub, valid Canadian ID card with photograph, recent bank statement and a voided check so the money can be direct deposited into your account.

Loan Eligibility

If you are looking to apply for secured loans in Canada, you must fulfill all three of the following requirements. First, you must be at least 18-years of age. Second, you must be enrolled in a stable job for over two months. Finally, your paycheck must be direct deposited into a valid Canadian bank account. If you are able to fulfill these three criterion then you can apply for a loan with us!

What to Expect

When applying for secured loans in Canada with us, you can expect a quick online loan application process for short-term, smaller loans. You have the option of applying for loans ranging from $1,000 to $49,000 and in many cases, you will receive same-day loan approval. Typically, you will have the cash in-hand within 48-hours of submitting the application (deposit times vary based on the bank).


When managing our customer's information, we are extremely professional and go to the highest lengths to ensure it is secure. We are so confident in our security, we assure 100-percent data privacy. Therefore, when you are searching for secured loans in Canada, you can count on us and our system to protect your information. Once you have applied, you can login to your account to view all loan-related information including the amount borrowed, payment due dates and interest rates. This will help you track the loan progress to maturity.

Stop by Bad Credit Loan Canada today to apply for the money you need!