When you are facing a financial crisis, time is of the essence, and most banks require a long drawn out process that take weeks to complete. At Bad Credit Loan Canada, we value your time, and work hard to get you the funds you need right away. Our superfast loan process is designed to put the money you need in your bank account when you need it.

Get the Funds You Need Superfast

Our secured bad credit personal loan Canada application process is simple and quick. Most importantly, we can approve a secured loan request without performing a credit check. Whether you have a bankruptcy, repossession, or home foreclosure, with a secured loan you are automatically approved. A secured bad credit personal loan is better than a payday loan. You need not provide us with your entire work history, or other time consuming information.

All you need is to apply is an internet connection, a computer, and 20 minutes or less. You must be at least 18 years of age, have a verifiable source of income, and a funding source, preferably a checking account. When you complete the online application, verify your loan documents and provide us with your bank information, you are on your way. Your next steps to finalizing your loan agreement is to e-sign your documents, and check your bank account.

We never ask why you did the loan, because you can use it for any purpose you choose. The majority of customers, we approve, uses the money to catch up on their mortgage payments, get their vehicle repaired, pay for a major surgery, buy food, and maintain their utilities or to build up their savings account. Our approval rate is 100%. You have nothing to lose. Now is the time to start your secured bad credit personal loan Canada application now and gain access to your funds the same day.