If you have decided to apply for a short term bad credit loan; let us tell you our interest rates and administration fees for processing your loans. We are always transparent to our customers and we offer loans with most competitive interest rates only.

Here are the Interest Rates and Administration Fees for Loans

What is the Repayment Period for Loans?

For the repayment of your loans, you can take up to 16 weeks.

We have flexible policy for loan repayment. You can schedule your loan repayment installments through pre authorized debit from your bank account Weekly, Biweekly, Bimonthly or Monthly as per your priorities and choice.

Can I make Loan Repayment Early?

Absolutely you can. Why not? If you are ready with funds, you can repay your loan amount any time. Bad Credit Loan Canada are very flexible for loan repayments. You can repay when you are ready with cash in hand.

We would love to acknowledge your efforts for paying the loan amount in the first month itself following deposit date; and we don’t forget to reward to such loyal customers through genuine discounts on other associated charges.

What is the Annual Interest rate at Bad Credit Loan Canada?

The annual interest rate would change as per the loan amount and duration. Usually the annual interest rate (APR) would be anything between 2.7% and 3.0%.

For the short term bad credit loans of amount 1000$, the interest rate would be somewhat between $35 and $40 for the period of 3 months.

What are the Policies for the Payments get returned by the Bank?

We highly recommend all our customers to understand the interest rates, loan repayment policy, other associated charges, late fees etc in advance before they opt for a loan. In the case of payment gets returned by the bank, there would be 50$ charge which is also mentioned in our contract.

If the same thing happens again and again or more than a quarter of payments are returned by the bank, we would go further with the collection department taking charge of all the debt.

In any case, if customer notices that the payment was returned by the bank, customer must inform us immediately.

So now you know everything about the interest rates, loan repayment terms, late repayment policy etc. For any other queries, we are always available for call or email. We have maintained the transparency and trust for all our customers, and we seek your support.

For the Loan Application, Follow These Steps..!!

We get you cash fast with a simple 15-minute application process and easy approval in 24 hours.