Sometimes there is urgency and you need money fast. Perhaps there is an emergency or a terrific opportunity that you do not want to miss. Your child may have a toothache. Your car might have broken down. Or maybe you just need a quick loan because your neighbor wants to sell you something at a great price and you need to pay the money before they sell the item to someone else. We have helped many others when facing similar circumstances and more. No matter what the reason is why you need the money; we are ready to help you get it!

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We give loans for an amount from $1,000 to $49,000 that can be used as a personal loan, to buy an automobile, to pay off other bills, or to consolidate other loans into one easy-to-make payment. You will usually have 16 weeks to repay your loan (some loan terms may be up to one full year). Loan payments may be made on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on how you receive your employment income. You can also renew your loan quickly and easily.

People use our quick cash loans in Canada for home repairs, auto repairs, credit card debt consolidation, to pay off student loans, bank debt consolidation, to pay bills, for leisure purposes, and to consolidate payday loans. The application process can all be done online and if you upload all the required documentation using our secured online application process the approval is super fast.

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