Dear Canadian Debtor,

The days of completing mounds of paperwork and waiting two weeks just to hear "no" from traditional lenders are over. The days of being discriminated against for past mistakes are over, as well. If you have bad credit, you now have the option to apply with Bad Credit Loan Canada and receive the cash that you need for any purpose that you have in mind. You now can obtain personal online cash loans approval in Canada without stressing about the answer. Our approval rate is one of the highest in the lending industry. Don't be surprised when we approve your loan. It's what we do.

Why We're Different From the Rest

First, we're different from other lenders because we offer installment loans. Installment loans aren't your ordinary payday loans. They are different because their repayment period is much longer than that of a payday advance. Instead of asking for our funds back in 14 or 15 days, we give our borrowers many months to repay their advances. Furthermore, we operate faster than many of the lenders in the area. The majority of our borrowers receive their funds in one day because of our super-quick processing.

How It Works

The process of getting a loan of $300 to $1,000 is quick and easy. We provide loans of up to $49,000, but the small ones have the fastest turnaround time. You receive the funds shortly after we approve you, and you sign the papers. The entire application process is quick, safe and extremely secure. You don't have to worry about having your sensitive data exposed because we have many protective measures in place. The repayment date is the date that you see on your contract. It automatically comes from your account on the appropriate date.

How to Apply for a Loan Now

You can start the process of getting an advance from us by completing the simplified online form. The form is very straight forward and easy to understand. We will ask you for proof of employment or proof of a consistent form of pay. You can upload that information for review. Our agents will look at your application and let you know if they can approve it or not. If the answer is yes, then you'll receive a contract to sign that has all the repayment dates and finance information on it. You'll receive your money when we receive the forms. That's all there is to it.