Emergencies always seem to happen when you least expect them to. The car breaks down at 2 a.m. while you're in the middle of nowhere. Your long-lost cousin has some trouble with the law long after dark. The water heater in your house breaks while you're in the shower. Since emergencies are unpredictable, we decided that we had to be predictable. Consumers can always count on a positive answer when they apply for our payday loans and other projects. We provide hassle-free cash advances to Canadian citizens who meet the criteria. We donn't believe in credit discrimination. We believe in financial forgiveness and second chances.

You Could Get a Loan Today

We're pleased to offer you the opportunity to enjoy one of our cash advances. All you need to do is complete a short form and supply us with the documentation that we request. You could be well on your way to having a hefty loan in your hands.

Take Your Time Repaying Us

Another thing that you will love about our loan products is that you can take your time paying us back. We don't require you to repay your cash advance until four months later if you need that arrangement.

Get Treated Like Royalty

You can experience the joy of being treated as a human being when you apply for help from us. We understand that people sometimes go through hard times. We don't value you any less as a person because of it.

Get Your Loan Today

If you are an adult Canadian citizen who can prove that you have a stable job, a fair income and identification, you can get some help from us. Our turnaround time is 24 hours or less. Yes, we are available to help you 24/7. We'll never leave you hanging. Complete a short from and request funds from us today. Upload your forms online for an immediate answer about the loan request. You can easily get a same-day deposit of your funds.