At All Credit Source, we specialize in paperless payday loans in Canada. The newest and easiest method of getting money to our customers is to direct deposit their funds into their funding account. While some lenders require customers to fill out tons of paperwork, we are just the opposite. Paperless payday loans in Canada, provide customers with the opportunity to apply for a loan online, without leaving behind a paper trail.

What are the Benefits of Paperless Payday Loans?

The benefits of paperless payday loans are many. For instance, customers can apply for their payday loans directly online, from any location. The application is completed, signed and submitted electronically to our office. There is nothing to print out, sign or mail in. Best of all, all credit types are accepted. Which means our customers can apply for a loan, whether any negative credit entries are on their credit report or not. We never ask for proof of anything except the required information we need to process each request. We offer people with bad credit, no credit, or limited credit a simple, and affordable way to get payday loans, without any fuss or hassle. Through our process, we never ask for a co-signer or collateral to approve a loan request.

What is the Necessary Information Needed to Qualify for a Payday Loan in Canada?

Just like any other lender, we do require of customers to meet our requirements. Customers must be at least 18 years of age or older, possess a current identification card, have a verifiable source of income, a bank account, and have a valid social security number. Since there is nothing to fax or email, the process is quick and easy. Our customers get their funds deposited in their account the same day. With us same day approval and deposit are normal.

We can offer this service because of the wide range of services we offer, and the number of private lenders we partnership with. Our lenders are eager to help people with bad credit, establish their credit, borrow the money they need, and get out of debt. By offering paperless payday loans in Canada, we are able to greatly reduce our processing time, thus, eliminating massive paperwork. All communications, applications, approvals, and e- signatures are submitted completely online. If you need a payday loan and have bad credit, visit us online and complete your application. No credit is refused.