Mortgage rates can fluctuate from one rate to another in a single day and as such a mortgage rates in Canada calculator might be a helpful tool. That being said, not everyone is going to qualify for a great mortgage rate if they have a less than perfect credit score if they are using a traditional lender. At we work to help borrowers to find a loan rate that works for them no matter what.

Our application and loan process is fast, easy, and risk free. No borrower is turned down based on their credit score alone as with many traditional lenders. Instead, we take a case by case approach and work to make sure that each applicant is going to be approved. There is virtually no chance that your loan application is going to be rejected which means you can get a mortgage that you need even if you have poor credit.

In many cases, those that have poor credit are limited to loans that have extremely high interest rates, that are financed out over an unusually long period of time, or that are simply impossible to repay without paying a ton in interest. This does not have to be the case however. We work to make sure that all borrowers have the same opportunity and that they are not limited to loans that no one else wants simply because they have less than perfect credit. 

We understand that things happen, bills get missed, and you might not be able to repay certain loans. We know that there are events that make it impossible to have great credit and we work to make sure that even if you have these issues in the past, they do not color your chances for the future. It is our goal to help all borrowers to get the loan that they need so that they can improve their lives and can improve their credit.

We do not limit borrowers to loans that no one else wants and we work to get you competitive loan rates that are going to be manageable and perfect for your individual needs and current circumstances so that you can get the money you need fast. Apply today.