Long term installment loans in Canada, differ from short term loans in several ways. People who apply for long- term loans are most likely facing an emergency that requires the money to be paid back over a period of time. Canada’s bad credit installment loans are extended repayment tenures, which are designed to assist people with the money that need right away.

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Unlike short- term loans, long- term loans are stretched out over a course of several months or longer. Our loan process is simple, quick and painless. You can get the cash you need super fast, without any fuss or hassle. The qualification process is completed and submitted online, which means you never have to leave your chair. We have formed partnerships with dozens of reputable lenders throughout Canada. Like any lending institution, you are required to follow a few guidelines.

You must be of legal age to sign an agreement or contract, you must have a valid identification card, and a verifiable source of income. Your ability to repay your loan is based on several factors, which are clearly laid out in your contract. We will go over your financial needs, and help you choose the best loan amount, that you can comfortably pay back. Best of all, we never ask you to pawn your vehicle’s title or other assets.

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However, to help speed up the lending process, we do ask you to have your documents available. If you displace any of the documents we need to process your loan, this could cause a slight delay. When you need money, time is of the essence. Therefore, we encourage you to gather all the necessary information, and have it close by when you sit down to complete your online application. Once your application is submitted it goes to our lenders, who in turn starts the process of securing your funds. The money is deposited directly into your funding account. Be sure to check and double check your routing and account number. If funds are deposited into a wrong account, this could set your deposit date back by several weeks or longer.