For those that are looking for a great loan option, often using a loan calculator is a wonderful way to determine what you payment plans and payment options might look like. Loan calculator Canada options might be limited to those lending companies that have a traditional model but with Superfast Loans you do not need a calculator because we walk you through each and every step of the process to make it super easy.

For borrowers that have poor credit, might not have the best borrowing history, or that simply cannot wait for the loan process at a traditional lender, we work to get you your money fast no matter what. Our applicants cannot be turned down because of loan history or credit history because we do not perform a credit check. This helps to speed the process up and helps even those that might not have the best credit to get approved so that they can get the money they need.

In many cases, traditional lenders can turn down borrowers based solely on their credit history and on their credit score, since Superfast Loans does not use a credit score to determine eligibility, we can work with any borrower to find a loan that works. We want to make sure that anyone can get their loan and that they are given the chance to improve their credit through use and repayment of our loans.

The application process is quick and risk free. All you need to do is fill out pertinent information so that we can formulate a loan plan that is specific to both your needs and to your overall status and current situation. Fill out the application today to learn more about what loans are available to you and to your particular needs and current situation.