Commercial Mortgage rates in Canada offer a few tiers with different options. One mortgage lender provides a current low rate of 4.5% over the course of five years, which seems to be the popular trend for commercial mortgage rates in Canada. The second rate lists as 6% for one year or up to three years for repayment. You never know what is available for your business until you get that vital application completed.

Business owners can lock in a low mortgage rate of 4.5% for five years. If during this time, mortgage rates increase, you the business owner are not expected to pay a higher interest rate. If and when this rate increases over the five years you are safely locked into this lower rate.

As a business owner, you are wise to do your research on current popular interest rates and options to find out which mortgage rate is the lowest and what options accompany this rate that best fits your business needs.

Another mortgage lender offers business owners an attractive interest rate of 2.44% for one year. This rate is guaranteed not to increase for this one year. This rate is called a fixed rate.

If this fixed rate goes down, you cannot take the lower rate. The good thing about this loan is that you always know what your payment is going to be every month until your loan is paid in full. Your payment never changes as seen in variable mortgage rates.

This same lending institution offers an interest rate of 1.80%, but this interest rate is variable. A loan that carries a variable interest rate varies as the interest rate changes, thus causing your monthly payment to go up or down.

Research done in regards to Canadian rates for businesses found that over the time of your business loan you may find you pay less interest with a variable rate versus a fixed rate.

For example, a low-interest rate of 1.80% may not carry the best payment options for your business. Possibly, a higher interest rate has better payback options for your business.

Research your commercial mortgage rates in Canada for the best interest rate with the options best fitting your needs and consider the amortization of your loan.

Access a free online mortgage calculator. This tool helps you to determine the cost of your total mortgage monthly payments. A lower interest rate may not fit your needs as well as a higher rate of interest with a better payback option. You never know what is available until you get your application processed with no chance of being rejected for the money so vital to your business. This process takes as little as a day.