Your credit can often tank any chances you have at getting a loan that has a rate that is even moderately reasonable. In many cases, low loan rates are going to be reserved for those borrowers that have very good credit and that have a perfect credit history. That does not have to be the case however. With you can find the best mortgage rates in Canada for 5 years fixed even if you have less than perfect credit.

How do we do it you may ask? For starters, we take a look at each individual case rather that passing or approving people based solely on their credit score. We take the time to screen each application so that we can make sure everyone gets a fair shot at the loan that they may need to better their credit or their lives.

We perform no credit checks and have a very fast approval process so that you can get your money without having to wait two or three days for the approval process to finalize. We believe that everyone deserves the same chance, even if they have less than perfect credit and we want to make sure everyone has access to the loans that they deserve.

We work to make sure that each borrower is given the opportunity to take out a loan that fits their needs and their situation so that they can improve their credit with our loans. We are equal opportunity and want to make sure that even if you have bad credit, you feel hope and know that we will not turn you away based solely on your credit.

The application is fast, easy and risk free and gives us the information that we need to create a loan plan that is going to work for your specific needs so that you can start to change your life. You do not have to be limited to loans that have ridiculous rates that no one could really pay. We want you to have the same opportunities that borrowers with perfect credit have. Let us help you find the best mortgage rates in Canada for 5 years fixed today so that you can star to rebuild your credit.  

We get you cash fast with a simple 15-minute application process and easy approval in 24 hours.