Instead of using cash for daily business activities, apply for additional financing with a TD Bank small business loan so you can buy new equipment or apply for a trademark, patent or other types of intellectual property. It can also help pad your advertising budget, attend a trade show or upgrade your business software and hardware. Best of all, there is no chance of getting rejected regardless of your current financial situation. Simply fill out the application to determine amount you can be awarded.

Benefits of a TD Bank Small Business Loan

You can receive between $500 and $50,000 that is paid over three months with a TD Bank small business loan. The approval timing is only 24-hours and the entire process is safe, easy and secure. There are several flexible repayment plans that can help you spread out the payments.

TD Bank Small Business Loan Process

The loan application process is simple, fill out the online form, upload the requested documents and submit to a financial adviser for review. During the process, you will be asked for your credit history which can include store cards, existing loans, credit cards, age identification, security identification number, monthly financials and bank account number to deposit the loan. With this information, you can quickly fill out the form and be approved within one-day!

Post Approval

Once your TD Bank small business loan is approved, your account can be managed online. You can check your scheduled repayment plan, interest rate and all other details pertaining to this loan. If you need assistance during or after the process, there is a helpline of trained professionals to answer all of your questions.

Interest Rates

There are two types of interest rates with a TD Bank small business loan: fixed rate and variable rate. The fixed rate loan remains the same for the repayment term. This is ideal for structured payments. Variable rate loans change with TD prime rates. This is ideal for those who can benefit from interest rate decreases which pays off more of your loan. If the rate increases, more of your regular payment is for interest payments.

To get started, simply click on the 'Apply Now' button on our website and complete the required information. You can have your TD Bank small business loan in as fast as one day to help expand your business!