If you are a Canadian resident and need a secured loan due to the amount of money you need to borrow you need to research the rates on our available secured line of credit loans.

Know that we offer fast loan approvals and we never do credit checks or base the approval of your loan on credit reports.

Research our rates and get your application completed and to us as soon as possible. We cannot help you until you get that vital piece of information to us. Without your completed application, we cannot assist you.

When you apply for a secured loan through your bank, you must wait and expect a long and lengthy application process, and if your credit score is not good, do not even think of applying for a loan because your chances of getting money are high risk.

Short-term, long-term loans are a possibility with our lender, and we never look into or consider your credit rating. Know that a secured loan offers lower interest rates than does an unsecured loan for the same amount of money.

Know also that we offer competitive loan rates. We offer flexible payback schedules for you that adapt to your paydays and budget, whether your payments are weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. We never charge you a fee for paying off your loan early.

Know that your rates of secured line of credit changes in the amount of your loan and length it takes to pay off your loan. Your interest rate can fall between 2.7% and 3.0% on a few hundred dollar loan.

Some of the rates of secured line of credit loans offer lower interest rates then those that are unsecured loans.

  • • $5,000 means you have a payback of $38.77 per week
  • • $10,000 means you pay $63.55 per week
  • • $10,000 means your weekly payback runs about $74.00 per week

There are no hidden fees to surprise you. Know that if your check is returned to the bank or you have no money to cover your payment when due, there is a $50.00 charge to your account.

We never look at your credit score to determine your loan approval. We do look at your true identity, assess your active checking account, people who know where you are if we cannot get hold of you. We are the quickest, easiest, and the best way to get extra money when you need it the most.

Take that first step and complete your application and get it to us today and find out your rates of secured line of credit loans.