Have you ever applied for a payday loan and had someone ask you to send a fax? We don't ask for faxes here. What we do at Bad Credit Loan Canada is try to connect you to the money that you need with the least amount of aggravation and hassle possible. Our specialty is payday loans, and our desire is to ensure that you do not have to worry yourself with complex issues. We provide faxless payday loans in Canada to citizens who meet the criteria and can repay. We're not like your average payday loan company because we lean toward approvals regardless of credit score.

We feel that a credit score only gives a small picture of what a customer is like. Many people have bad credit scores because of emergencies and uncontrollable instances like job losses and disabilities. We don't like to hold those things against anyone, so we look at the big picture. We take your information and look at your job stability, income amounts, loan request and other factors. We then make a decision and stick with it.  

You don't have to send a fax to apply for a loan. All you have to do is complete a short form and then send in the documentation that you will need to send in for us to process your request. You will receive an approval if you are 18 years old with a stable job and a regular income.

We offer loans of $1,000 to about $49,000, and we provide them to our clients in less than 24 hours in most cases. what you will need to do if you are ready is visit our site and start filling out the information that the "apply" button asks you for. Your accuracy and full disclosure will ensure that your application gets processed at the right time.  

You'll get a deposit the same day we approve your advance, and you can spend it any way you please. Your have nothing to lose by asking for help, so complete an application right now.