The number one challenge and biggest problem for a Canadian small business to overcome remains financing. In today's business world presence and customer awareness of a brand or product is essential for sales to occur, especially online. And to make all of that activity occur it takes resources, people and technology to bring to fruition. That in turn requires capital and funding, which is a big problem for a startup on a bootstrap budget and little or no resources at all.

No matter how inventive or ingenuous a business idea may be, if the market can't find it, that business doesn't exist. Unfortunately, many small business ideas are caught in a catch-22. Traditional lenders like banks want some kind of proof that the business is already successful and producing sufficient revenue that it's a success and has capital that can be used as collateral. On the other hand, a small business can't become a success if it doesn't have the money in the first place to get started and sell to a market at a level that produces the means for capital equipment and related assets. So, in short, startups and small businesses are frequently shut out from critical lending support because don't meet loan eligibility criteria. That then means having to rely on personal assets, private borrowing which extremely high rates and costs, and far less liquidity power than what is needed.

Now enter into the picture TD small business loans in Canada. This is a game-changer; small businesses starting out can now have access to a lender who recognizes where they are in the growth chain and provides the essential liquidity necessary to get started. The lengthy forms, collateral demands that can't be met, and endless fees for appraisals and credit checks are all gone. Instead, a small business can submit an application, be reviewed in a fair and straightforward manner, and be approved for a business loan that can get the company on its feet and working in Canadian markets and more. With TD Small Business Loans in Canada the playing field just got leveled at bit more in favor of the startup business and those with incredibly powerful ideas for new products and services. So your business growth doesn't have to be a just dream anymore.